Monday, May 12, 2014

Confession: I'm Not A Fan of Mother's Day

First off, my Mother's Day was wonderful.  I couldn't have asked for a better day.  We started off the morning at church, ushering in a new pastor.  Lunch was at my moms house, with the family.  We moved from there to my in-laws, where the girls got in their first swim of the summer.

(Yes, it was chilly.  And yes, they only swam for about 30 minutes....that was all they could take!)

Sunday night brought an impromptu subdivision pizza party, which I happen to think is the best kind of pizza party.

In spite of all this wonderfulness, my eyes have been opened lately to some things about Mother's Day that have caused me to dislike the holiday.  I think it is very unfair.  And this is why:

  1. We should celebrate our mothers daily, not just because some 'holiday' dictates that we should.
  2. It is an unfair holiday for mothers without children.  Those who, to quote Roo, "bore and buried their children, those who felt new life within them and later discovered that life had passed, those who have been desperately wanting a child."  These mothers deserve recognition, too.  
  3. Children without mothers.  Such as these children in Alabama who are anxiously awaiting adoption.  Or older children/adults who have lost their mother.
This Mother's Day, as I honored my mother and basked in the blessings of the sweet girls who made me a mother, I couldn't help but think of all the others who were hurting on this day.  And the older I get, the more these numbers sway more to the side of hurting.

To those of you who were among the many hurting hearts on Mother's Day, read this post and know that I, too, am so sorry.  I prayed for you yesterday, again today, and will do so in the coming days.

And if, like me, you are one of the overly and undeservingly blessed on this day, let's remember these blessings.  Because Mother's Day shouldn't be the only day that we appreciate the women who mother.

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