Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project Life Tuesday

If you read this Project Life post, you know that I started last week on PL 2014.  That meant I had some catching up to do.  This week, I was able to go back and finish Weeks 10-12, along with our current Week 15.

Week 10.

Journaling, left side bottom:  We had a VERY busy week! It was book fair week in the library and Read Across America week.  Monday was Hat Day for the entire school.. Kyndall finally pulled the tooth that had been loose for what seems like forever.  We had a special visitor at school on Tuesday.  Author Michael Finklea spoke to the students and both girls received signed copies of one of his books.  On Wednesday, we had a groundbreaking for the new addition at our school.  The girls were able to take part and scoop a shovel-full of dirt.  Kyndall even got to wear a hardhat.  On Thursday, Libby wore red and her class dressed as “Things”.  Libby was #14.  Friday night brought a trip to Build-A-Bear--a reward for the girls sleeping in their own beds.

Week 11.  This week is very much a "Kyndall week."  Sometimes layouts focus more on Kyndall, sometimes Libby.  I don't try to keep them even, because I'm telling the story of our life.  Life happens unevenly, and so do my PL pages :)

Journaling, left side bottom corner:  1.  Kyndall’s class took a field trip to the Soil and Water Conservation.  I snapped this picture of her with her ‘besties’.  2.  Our field trip tour guide was scooping up crawfish and passing them out.  Kyndall didn’t hesitate to hold out her hand, but I think she might have regretted it!  3.  Harrison turns 8 on the 30th, but his party was on Saturday.  We celebrated at the bowling alley.  4.  K getting some regular Max snuggles.

Right side, top square:  Instagram post from this week:  Libby’s class was still celebrating Dr. Seuss week.  This picture shows Wacky Wednesday--two different shoes, backwards shirt, inside out jeans, and crazy hair.  Same beautiful smile.

Right side, bottom square:  Sunday afternoon, we picked buttercups at GraGra and Pops’ house.  The girls made too many bouquets to count.  It was a good thing we had such hand-some men to help hold all those flowers!

Week 12:

Journaling below date card reads:  Out with the old, in with the new!  We switched out our old, maroon bedding for a new, fresh spread.  I love how it brightens everything up!  Next move- painting.

Journaling left side, below photo 1:  On Saturday, we headed to Orlando.  It was a long 12 hour drive, but we hit the park at Universal Studio’s wide open on Sunday.  The Butterbeer from Harry Potter World definitely lived up to the expectation.

Journaling, left bottom corner:  1.  In Mrs. Stephens class, Arthur makes home visits with each student. This week, we had the pleasure of his company.  K’s job is to take a few pictures with him and write all about their fun time.  2.  Kyndall is also learning all about letter writing.  Each week, she writes a friendly letter to one family member.  On Thursday, she wrote to Libby.  Then, she insisted on helping Libby write her back!

Journaling, top right corner:  1.  Frozen debuted this week and Aunt Mal made sure to get you a copy right away.  2.  Justin’s back has been hurting for a few days.  It helps when he lays on the floor. We put Frozen in for a home viewing and everyone piled up in the floor to watch.  3.  After putting the girls off for weeks, I finally agreed to take the girls to the movies.  We loaded up Kyndall, Raegan, Shaylee, Libby and Brook-Lynn and watched Mr. Peabody.  The movie was followed up by a trip to Ulta.  Fun times!

Week 15:

Journaling, right side:  On Monday, the girls went to a new gym to ‘try’ gymnastics again.  They loved it, so we went back on Tuesday for our first official gym day.  Kyndall went on a field trip to the movies and the park and her pen pal went.  Excuse her silly face in this photo--she does not take pictures seriously anymore.  Ever.  Saturday, we ran some errands in town and stopped for lunch at Chili’s, courtesy of a gift card from my parents.  (We’ve started this whole budget thing, so the gift card was great!)

Journaling, left side:  This week, Libby’s class learned about oviparous animals.  She made  a paper mache egg and then ‘hatched’ it at school.  Friday night the girls went to the Huntsville Stars baseball game with Blake for his birthday.  They had so much fun.  Kyndall was even given a ball from the pitcher.  I took the girls to a painting party on Saturday.  Sunday after church we attended the 12th annual Terry family Easter egg hunt.  As usual, we all had so much fun!  After the egg hunt, we went to Meme and Papa’s for an early dinner.  The girls loved Meme’s new kittens.

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