Monday, April 14, 2014

Conversations with K & L

On what Justin and I could do while both girls were gone to Blake's birthday outing.
Libby:  Daddy, you should take Mommy out to dinner.  And pay for it, because that's romantic.

Libby:  Mommy, I really want two brothers.  One for you and Daddy and one for me and Kyndall.

When playing with Kyndall the other day, she blew a dandelion and made a wish, not knowing I was hearing.  She said "I wish I had two brothers."  (<--this girl is stuck on the two brothers thing.  whew!)

While walking though Disney a few weeks ago, Libby licked her finger and wiped it on GraGra's face.  She said "I just wiped spit on you."  As if this wasn't awkward enough, Libby doesn't pronounce her "SP" sound very well, so her "spit" sounded JUST LIKE sh*t.  So it sounded like she said "I just wiped sh*t on you."  Oh, the hilarity!

On Minecraft:
Kyndall:  Libby, let me show you how to donate your TNT.

In other Minecraft news, K was tested for TAG the other day.  Thanks to this game, she knew exactly what an inventory was.  Guess that game is useful for something, after all.

When leaving Chili's the other day:
Kyndall:  Libby, put your hands on my shoulders and let's do the TONGA.

After gymnastics this past week, I was showing K how to do bunny hops.  It was right before bed and I had already removed my bra (sorry if that's TMI) and so I was holding my hands up to support "the girls" as I was jumping.  I looked over to see Kyndall bunny hopping EXACTLY as I was--with her hands up over her chest =)

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