Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Project Life Tuesday, Digital Edition

I am so ready to catch up on this project (7 layouts until I'm up to date!).  Hopefully, I can do that on National Scrapbooking Day (May 3).  I am ready to be able to focus on one layout per week, but I'm also ready to get these printed and in my album!

Week 7--I cheated just a little on this week's layouts and strayed from the Kraft edition.  These cards are from the Cherry edition, I just recolored them to match the Kraft edition.

Journaling, left side:  Snow!! We rarely get more than a dusting here in Alabama, but this week we got almost 5 inches!  The girls LOVED playing.  Only when there cheeks and fingers were absolutely frozen could I make them come inside to warm up!  We played with everyone in the neighborhood, the Johnson family, and Gabby.  The snow started falling Sunday afternoon and we stayed up super late playing with Justin, thinking it would be melted when he got home Monday afternoon.  (It wasn’t!)  The girls built there own little Olaf and then Justin and I both helped build this big dude to the left.  He was possible the biggest snowman either of us had ever built!  (Check out that AT&T hat!)  If I had to estimate, I would say we spent around 30 of the first 48 hours of this week outside in this snow!

Journaling, right side: We also celebrated Robin’s 50th birthday this week! There was a surprise party planned on Thursday night and we were so afraid the weather was going to force us to cancel. Luckily, everything melted off to make the roads passable just in time.  School was cancelled on Valentines‘s Day, but the girls got their cards ready just in case.  (They ended up handing them out the following week, when we returned to school.)  On Friday, the girls and I headed to Gatlinburg with the sweet group pictured below.  The West, Johnson, Halbrooks, and Stephens moms’ and kids had reservations at the Christmas Place Inn.  It was such a great experience-we roasted marshmallows, sang with Santa, and had milk and cookies every night.  The kids did make a trip to the indoor pool one night, but it was a little too crowded for their liking.  It was such a fun trip and one that we are hoping to make a tradition for years to come!

Week 17:  This was one of those rare weeks (for me) where I just had too many pictures, and too many things to say about those pictures.  I actually love when this happens, because it makes for an easy layout.

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