Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Links and Loves, 2nd Ed.

I'm starting a new trend, ya'll.  Let's see if I can stick with it, for once :)  Each Friday I'll do a Links and Loves post, where I share everything I'm loving right now, whether it be a post I've read or a product I'm digging.  One day, I might even come up with a cute 'linky' image and everything.  You can see Links and Loves, 1st edition here.


100 Ways You Know You're A Mom by Lisa-Jo Baker.

This post by Emily P. Freeman.  I've read her book Grace for the Good Girl and it's utterly inspiring.

What Scares Me More Than Being Inadequate by Kristin.  A story about saying "yes".

When Ordinary is its own Kind Of Brave by Lisa Jo Baker.  Honestly, I could link all of her posts.  Every.Single.One of them.

Throwback Thursday Stories, courtesy of the Mom Creative.  I cannot tell you how much my scrapbooking heart loves this.  Pulling out an old photo and telling its story?  That's my passion, ya'll.

If You Wouldn't Say It About A Boob Job.  Hilarious video about having adoption conversations. You know, if you wouldn't say it about a boob job, don't say it to adoptive parents.

This is How I Feel posts by Roo at Neon Fresh.  This girl is hilarious and her TIHIF posts are full of GIFS that she has captioned herself.  Caution:  This link is Volume 51, meaning you could get lost in hours of hilarity.  #RollOnTheFloorLaughing


I caved and bought the purse I was seriously crushing on last week, and I'm so glad that I did.  It's just big enough to hold that gorgeous Erin Condren planner (By the way, EC is unveiling the new 2015 planner designs in just a few weeks!) without being TOO big and bulky.  The yellow color makes me happy, but it also comes in black or bright orange.  Now for a new wallet.....

This refrigerator pitcher set.  I don't know about ya'll, but the shelf space in my fridge is always overflowing.  We are drinkers at my house.  Between the gallons of milk, pitchers of tea, and jugs of juices, I could really make use of that extra space in our fridge door.  And to top it all off, these pitchers are just so pretty.

The Naked 3 palette.  I received it as a Christmas gift, and struggled using it at first.  Now that I've had it, and played with it, for a few months, I'm loving it :)

(photo from OGX website)
OGX hair products.  Specifically this shampoo and this conditioner, and this hair oil.  I have bad hair. I mean, REALLY bad hair.  I've tried vitamins, treatments, coconut oil.... you name it.  I've been using OGX products for several weeks and it is the first time in a long time I am seeing improvement.  OGX products are organic, which means they don't have all those bad chemicals, like sulfates.

Donut Shop coffee.  I normally purchase these from Target, but recently I've been ordering from Amazon with my free shipping.  I think I save a total of 25 cents by doing this, but hey, every penny counts, right?  And if decaf is your thing, the Donut Shop decaf blend is really good, too.

Your turn! What are you loving right now?


  1. LOVE those pitchers!

    Blog Link of the Week for me:
    I finished "Carry on Warrior" last night and laugh/cried my way though pretty much all of it!

    My new favorite coffee: Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry with my go-to creamer, Natural Bliss Sweet Cream... I could drink it all day!

    1. Wait wait.... Blueberry Coffee? Whaaaat?