Friday, February 7, 2014

Public Service Announcement: Stop the Judging, Already!

I read a very touching blog post the other day about the urge to have a 'perfect' home when friends come over. The author's point was that true friends can come over for coffee and conversation and ignore the mess that may or not be your home. That you shouldn't stress around real friends. Be real. Because, let's just face it, when you have children, your house is a perpetual mess. (Oh that's just me? Ok...)

What got to me more than the blog post, though, were the comments.  People berrated the author, accusing her of 'staging' her messy home photo and being fake. Others accused the author of not making her friends feel special, because she allowed them into her messy home.  The commenters took a post that was intended to be uplifting and encouraging to mothers and ripped it to shreds. These comments hurt my heart in a way I can't explain. I have been acutely aware lately of how judgmental we are, as humans. And I'm just going to say it, as women. 

We look at other women, who we are supposed to love and encourage and uplift, and we pick them apart. They are too fat or too skinny. Their hair is frizzy, flat, a bad color. They mother differently from us and for some reason that is wrong. They talk too much or not enough. They dress badly. They exercise too much, the wrong way, or they're lazy. Enough already! Let's STOP the judging. STOP trying to find fault in others. Better yet, how about we stop looking for fault in ourselves. Maybe then, we wouldn't feel the need to compare and judge?!? 

We are all beautiful people, created by a loving God, who didn't put us here to judge anyone. Life is not a courtroom, and we are not presiding over anything

Today, when you see another female, look her in the eyes and compliment SOMETHING. And do it sincerely, with honesty and love in your heart. You'll feel better, I promise :)

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