Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Baby Love

We got home late Sunday night from a quick weekend trip to Arkansas to see my sister-and-brother-in-law and their adorable, precious, perfect new baby boy.

We left Thursday evening around 8:00 and made it just past Memphis before stopping for the night. 

At one point, all three girls looked like this:
Now THAT is some good sleeping!
We reached Luke and Kristi's house around 1pm on Friday and immediately began loving on Baby West:

I told you he was perfect!  I wanted really badly to smuggle him back home with me, but I'm pretty sure that would've been frowned upon. 

They had a little snow in Arkansas, so the girls did some sledding behind the house.

Typical West family photo :)
Kyndall had a really good run:

Not one to be outdone, I took a quick ride:

Look out USA Bobsledding team--we're coming for you! :)

After playing in the snow, we went back to the hotel to swim for a little while.

A short 48 hours later and we were on the 8-hour drive back home. If flights were cheaper, I'd be in Arkansas way more than Luke & Kristi would want me there. :)

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