Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Best Sisters

I found this in Kyndall's room the other day and it warmed my heart.  It says "First Best Sisters."  I LOVE that they are best friends--yes, they fight and yes, I sometimes feel like I want to lock them in seperate rooms for a while, but they love each other.  And for the most part, they get along great.

Friday afternoon the girls and I went to see "Walking with Dinosaurs."  Kyndall has been all into it since she saw the first preview.

The flash on the camera + that dark theater got the girls =)

It was a decent movie.  Not as good as Frozen (which we've seen twice), but for a semi- nonfiction movie, it was good.  There were some scenes that the girls had to cover their eyes during.  I mean, apparently some dinosaurs used to eat other dinosaurs?  That part got a little graphic.  Overall it was a neat movie though, and pretty funny.

After the movies, we stopped to pick up J and we all headed to my parents for a game night.  We have been wanting to play Cranium for a while now, so we finally just scheduled it in. 

Disney Hedbandz


Cranium, take 2.  I'm not explaining any of those pictures, so feel free to make a guess :)

PS:  It's colder here in Alabama than I can ever remember it being.  Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but it is COLD!  I ran on the treadmill yesterday morning, inside my garage, and I didn't warm up until mile 2.  They've already delayed school next week Monday through Wednesday.  This is the south--we don't function in single digit temperatures!

What is your favorite family game?

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