Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Been A Bad 24 Hours.....

A REALLY bad 24 hours.

Disclaimer--this post is about to get GROSS.  If you have a sensitive stomach, please stop reading now and go here to read about the Baby Powder Fiasco.

Last night, Libby started throwing up.  She had gone to sleep really early, and woke up from her sleep throwing up.  I heard her in the bathroom and went RUNNING in there, only to find out that she had thrown up in the floor.  Do you see where this is going?  Throw-up on bathroom tile and my running, bare feet.  <---That didn't end well.  I hit the ground so hard that I thought I had broken my arm.  If only there had been a hidden camera, we might could've won some money on America's Funniest Home videos.

This morning, I had to get Libby all situated before I could go to school.  Luckily, my dad was off work and could keep her, so I was able to take her to his house.  I got to school around lunchtime.  While eating lunch, I dropped my cell phone INTO my bowl of chicken noodle soup.  (I think it's going to survive though!)

THEN around 2:00, Kyndall came to the library feeling puny.  She was very pale and sick to her stomach.  Stomach virus-2, West family-0.

Then, and WORST of all, a certain elf was attacked by a certain dog and this happened:

Don't worry--Aunt Mallory came by and picked Messy up and dropped him off at the overnight post office, shipped directly to Santa.  I'm sure with a little plastic surgery, Santa can fix Messy all up.  (<--And THAT is a very positive spin on what was a VERY traumatic situation with 2 little West girls.  There were tears.... lots of tears.  Hopefully, all will be well in the morning when a fixed-up Messy returns!)

And now?  Mommy is feeling puny.  And believe me, Mommy doesn't have TIME to be puny.  I will defeat the stomach virus.  I WILL defeat the stomach virus.......  wish me luck!

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