Saturday, November 16, 2013

Proud Mommy Moment + The Race That Wasn't

I've said it before and I'll say it again--my girls LOVE running.  Almost as much as their Mom does :)  We were all set and ready for a local race this morning.  I was running the 5K and the girls were running the 1-mile fun run.  If you follow me on Twitter, or caught my 'Via the Camera Roll' post, you know that Kyndall even insisted on 'training' for this run.

Friday night, we got everything set out--the clothes, the bibs.  Even got in bed at a decent time so we'd all be ready to run our best.  Saturday morning, Kyndall woke up with a stomach ache.  She cried, and was a little sick to her stomach, but REALLY wanted to try and run.  We got dressed and headed to the race.

Once we got there, she felt a little better.  But then, about 15 minutes before the start time for my race, she started throwing up.  And like all little girls, she only wanted her Mommy.  By the time I had taken care of her and was able to pass her off to Justin, I had missed the start time for my race.  Which was ok, because Kyndall really didn't want me to leave her anyways.

Obviously, K was too sick to run but Libby was STOKED.  She could not wait to get started!  Even though I am sad that Kyndall wasn't able to run, and that I missed getting that shiny, new PR, I am SUPER proud of my baby girl.  She ran a mile in 11:45, and considering how little she is, I think that is wonderful!  She ran the ENTIRE time!

I have two videos of her running--one of the start and one of the finish--but I can't get them to load right now.  Hopefully, I can get them up soon for you to see!

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