Tuesday, November 26, 2013

An Attempt at Hunting, Girl-Style

Sunday afternoon/evening, we took the girls hunting.  I love hunting and went a lot before the girls were born, but never saw anything big enough to kill.  (This IS on my 30 Before 30 list, though!)  Kyndall has been a few times with Justin before, but this was Libby's first time.  We all clothed ourselves in layers and layers of camouflage and headed out.

Mistake #1:  All going in the same shooting house.  It was super crowded (and noisy!), but the girls wanted us to all be together.

Mistake #2:  Going in the middle of the afternoon, on a Sunday.  This happened:

Mistake #3:  Taking Libby hunting.  The girl can't be quiet to save her life.

Result:  We saw a rabbit.  As in, a singular rabbit.  No squirrels, bird, and CERTAINLY, no deer.
We did get a few good snapshots though....
Me and K gearing up for hunting.
The girls and Stone, warming up AFTER hunting.  
Note to self:  If I want to kill that deer for my 30 Before 30, I'll need to go alone :)

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