Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yo Aasics, I'm Your Girl!

I came across a post the other day titled So where's all my free sh*t? .  It made me laugh out loud.  **Warning:  While hilarious, the above mentioned blogger does have a potty mouth!**

When I started this blog, it was for a few reasons.
  1. I wanted to be able to share our lives with long-distance family.
  2. It was a quick and easy version of digital scrapbooking, without the page-designs.  Post pictures + words and viola!  Instant memory keeping.
  3. Vent my feelings, stand on my soapbox, just yap on and on about whatever I wanted to.
I never even considered the fact that bloggers get free stuff.  I don't think I even knew that they did.  As I've read more and more blogs, I now know that companies often send bloggers free stuff for review and it was so ironic to read the above post when I did.  

There are a few things I would want for free.  I am an avid Aasics shoe girl.  Loyal to a fault.  Ran in them in high school, run in them now.  Yo Aasics.... need a review?  I'm your girl! :)  I would also like a free Sweaty Band.  I'm not convinced that they actually stay put.  Not convinced enough to fork over $15 anyways.  Socks?  Sure--any brand, any type. I'll be glad to try them out for you.  Tech gear, I'm all over that.  Free watches, free apps, free heart rate monitors.. send it all my way and I'm definitely in. 

Nail polish, makeup, clothing of ANY kind, hair accessories.... all good.  But above all that, here is a list of things I would NOT want to review:
  • Underwear.  I wouldn't mind getting a few free pair, but I don't want to give all the details about what feels comfortable or where it rubs.  That's just TMI.
  • Food.  In general.  I am an EXTREMELY picky eater, so my opinion just wouldn't be fair.  Plus, I don't want to feel like I 'have' to try some pineapple-chocolate-pecan sports drink or something. I don't think I could do it.
  • Face wash.  My face is extremely sensitive and I can only wash it with a few things.  I'm afraid to try new things when it comes to my face cleaning routine.
  • Things to use in the bedroom.  Mood music, candles, toys.  This just ISN'T that type of blog :)
  • Dental services.....teeth cleaning, whitening, etc. No thank you. I hate going to the dentist & my teeth are just fine.
So, the point of this post? Don't send me yucky stuff to review, even if it's free. Make it good :)

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