Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Greatest Pumpkin Patch Ever!

This weekend, we went to Lyon Family Farms in Taft, Tennessee.  I consider our family an expert on pumpkin patches in our area--we have been to every single one within a 2 hour driving distance.  Lyon Family Farms was, by far, the greatest ever.

Here's the crew (shirts courtesy of Crafty Cookie Boutique).

And my favorite part of the food--roasted corn.  They also had steak sandwiches, pork loin plates, nachos, and more.

They had lots of places for super cute photos.

And a "Rat Race" area.  This was the funniest--the kids looked like they were in a washing machine, flipping and flopping.

The corn maze.  We sent the kids in alone.  After a minute, E gave up and came back out the entrance. A little while later, the girls made their way out alone, minus H.  It took a few minutes to round him up, and I was getting a little panicky, but all was well in the end.

The huge slide....It was so funny listening to all the kids coming down this slide.  They started yelling at the top and it echoed all around until they hit the bottom.

And a corn crib.  (We have been finding corn for DAYS!  After washing a load of clothes, I removed 10 pieces from my dryer!)

The petting zoo.  Libby wasn't a huge fan of this, of course, but Kyndall thought it was the greatest!

This is the 2nd shortest Angus (I think it's Angus..maybe I should just say 'cow') in the world.  The 1st shortest is actually in Asia.  It has dwarfism, just like some humans.  You learn something new everyday :)

We took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

And everyone picked their own pumpkins.

Kyndall and the boys took turns shooting the "Corn Cannon".

  All aboard the cow train, ladies and gentlemen.

The pillow bounce.  The kids spent FOREVER here and were so stinky and sweaty when they finished.  I was very glad we saved that until the end.

And that's a wrap, folks.

If you are interested in going to Lyon Family Farms, go here to visit their website.

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