Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Week In Pictures (+ a very few words)

Saturday morning, I was blessed to be able to walk in the Liz Hurley with my best friend and breast cancer survivor, Carrie.  Our team, Rebels for the Cause, consisted of 8 members of our school faculty.

After Liz Hurley, I made a trip to Fleet Feet to purchase this baby.  I feel so professional :)

Hello, Yogurt Mountain!  Can you guess who's is whose?

Kyndall knocked out her first top tooth on Saturday night.  She was 'pretending' too punch it out, and apparently, got a little carried away.  BTW, the tooth fairy left TEN WHOLE dollars for that tooth.  Darn inflation..... I think I got a quarter, and that was for my good teeth!

Mama got a little crafty this weekend, too.  Max chewed up our couch pillows, so I attempted to make some more.  One pillow down, 3 to go!!

I missed my long run on Sunday morning, as mentioned in my previous post, so I filled in with an obstacle course through the farm.  Hello gate climbs and cattle gap jumps.  Also, hello new running partner, Bella!

From the archives:  These pictures were actually sent to me last week, but I forgot to share them.  It was community helper week in Kindergarten, and Libby was able to cook cookies and dress up like a doctor.

She also had to dress up one day as what she wants to be when she grows up.  Can you guess what that is?

Answer:  A singer.  Like Taylor Swift though, NOT like this new Miley Cyrus!

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