Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sassy Libby

This little girl is SO sassy! The other day, she saw her name written on a piece of paper.  She knew that it said Libby, but she wondered why it didn't have her middle name too.  Justin was going to help her spell her middle name, which is Brooke.  She, with TONS of attitude, propped her hands on her hips and stated "I can spell my Brooke name.  It's B-R-A-T!"  Ummm.... yep!  You got that one right :)

She really isn't bratty at all, just full of spunk.  Everyone constantly comments on how sweet she is.  If I had a dollar for every time Libby said something was the greatest thing ever, or it was the greatest day of her life, I would be a VERY rich woman.  She always look at things with a positive approach.

Yesterday at school, she asked her teacher if she could go to the bathroom. When she got back, she informed her teacher that she had gotten SO CONFUSED when she left the bathroom, and had taken a trip down past Kyndall's classroom, around by the lunchroom, through the library, and back to her room.  Confused?  Yea, right!

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