Sunday, September 29, 2013

Half Marathon Training: 4 Weeks to Go

I can't believe my first half is less than a month away!  This week, I took a little break from distance training and really focused on speedwork for my 5K on Saturday.  The faculty winner who comes in first during the race wins a $50 gift card, and I was determined that I was getting that card!! :)

Monday:  Speedwork.  0.5 warm-up, 4 x 0.25, 2 x 0.5, 0.5 cool down.  Total miles= 3

Tuesday:  Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels.  OMG.  This feels so good, then hurts so bad.  I love the stretching it gives me, but it definitely works muscles that aren't being used while just running!

Wednesday: What happens when you go for a run 45-minutes after eating dinner?  A very painful, 3.1 miles with an average pace of 9:13 per mile.  Complete with 2 stops to dry-heave =/  Note to self:  45 minutes is NOT enough time to let your food settle.  I did take Max (and the girls) for a mile walk a little later, when my stomach settled, making my total mileage for the day = 4.

Thursday:  REST (I did do about 15 minutes of yoga before bed, including 3- 1 minute planks.)

Friday: REST

Saturday:  5K race-- 24:34 (If you missed my race recap, I WAS the first faculty member to come in, as well as the second female overall.)

Sunday:  6.5 miles.  (I had 8 on the training plan for today, but I am really struggling lately.  I have been absolutely exhausted lately.  Not just tired, but bone-deep weary.  If you know me in real-life, you know this is VERY unusual for me.  I am a super hyper person.  I've been reading a lot about runners and iron deficiency, and I definitely think that is my problem.  I have a whole post planned on this, but I have to do a little experiment first.  I'll keep you updated!)

Total weekly mileage: 15.7 (This number has REALLY got to go up in the next 2 weeks, before I start tapering back down leading up to the half!)

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