Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Story of Panama City Beach

I am currently jamming out to my new Spotify playlist-- "Throwback Jams".  It's full of songs from my high school days, in celebration of my upcoming 10-year reunion.  Hot in Herre by Nelly, Get Low by Lil Jon, Put It On Me by Ja Rule....I mean, we had the best music ever!  =)

We have been at Panama City Beach for the last week with our toes in the water, getting sunburned and eating our weight in fresh seafood.  It was awesome!  SO awesome that I didn't take one single picture with my camera.  Thank goodness for Iphones!! 

Surfing, with lots of help from Mal and Trey.

Ready to ride go-carts!

Feeding the birds at Shell Island.

Ba-by shark, do-do-do-do-do...

Yoga on the beach, in her goggles.  Now that's tough.

Ready to hunt some crabs!

Sisters <3

My man!

Stylin' with their new shades :)

Boat ride to Shell Island.

Daddy's girls on his birthday.
 Something really extra-exciting happened on our trip:  The girls sand KAREOKE! I mean, this was on MY 30 before 30 list, but whatev's.  Just kidding, they rocked "The Climb".  Look out Miley Cyrus!

One exhausted chick.
 On the night before we left, the fire alarm went off at 3am.  Scared the girls to death! We had to go downstairs for a few minutes--turns out it was really stormy and something had gone wrong with the electrical.  Lucky for us (not), the alarm kept going off for about an hour.  Kyndall decided that she NEVER wants to go back to that hotel again :)

Joke of the week, brought to you by Kyndall:

Edited to add:  The joke is---> Q:  What does Bruce Lee like to drink?  A:  Wat-ER.

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