Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Story of Our Summer, Part 1

Our summer has really had a very busy start--I almost didn't realize it was summer break yet!!  We've loved on Max a LOT....

Well, here he is supervising me doing yoga, but that counts, right?

The Color Run happened.  Justin and I didn't run, because we had to leave immediately after to go to a wedding in Kentucky, but the girls OWNED the fun run!

We had VBS at our church, and I caught my oldest like this:

We've hosted quite a few fence-building parties.  Men work in the back with Justin, women socialize in the front with me, and the kids can run in between. 

Kyndall had her softball party and received a pink, blinging trophy.

We've hit the pool up many, many times already:

My sweet hubby had to come rescue us and change my tire after I ran over an enormous piece of metal.  Stupid road construction.

And this week, Libby is attending Princess Ballerina Camp.  She loves it, and it gives Kyndall and I quality time together.

All in all, part 1 of our summer had been awesome.  Coming up, we have a trip to the beach, family visiting, and much much more exciting plans!  Yay for summer!

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