Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Digital Project Life, Week 10

Left side:
Bottom right photo:  There is so much more to this story than the photo and small 3x4 journaling could tell.  I plan to include a 5x7 insert with the stories of these two little ones, with their photos on the back side.  When this gets done, I'll share.

Right side:

I bought a new kit this week from acdigitals.com.  Never before have I used only a kit on a layout, but I am so in love with this one.  Everything I used is from the Walnut Grove collection.


  1. Super cute pictures and layout!

  2. Wow! Your pup has grown. Great week.

  3. Beautiful layouts. I really love the set pictures with you and your girls!

    1. That is actually my younger sister with my girls, but thank you :) We do look A LOT alike! Everyone gets us mixed up, even in real life. It's wonderful for me, not so much for her. lol