Saturday, March 16, 2013

30 Before 30.... #3, FAIL

As I was pulling into the Target parking lot today, there was a lady standing on the outskirts with a cardboard sign reading "I have no home, no money, and 2 young children.  Please help."  She was dressed very sparsely and had an infant in her arms.  She looked like she hadn't bathed in days.  Normally, I ignore this kind of thing.  I mean, she only had one child with her, so obviously, she was either lying or she had help of some kind.  But who am I to judge.

I had no cash on me, so my plan was to get change from my Target purchases and give her money (even more than the $30, but that is beside the point).  I was only in the store about 20 minutes, but when I came out, the lady and her child were gone.  I'm not sure if someone asked her to leave, or if she got into her Range Rover and drove away (haha!), but either way I was unable to give her the money.  And I can only hope she and her children are actually in a nice, warm bed tonight.

SO my first attempt at #3 on my list was a complete fail.  I'm on the lookout for someone else in need, though!

And as far as the rest of the list, if you are interested, the Country Music Half isn't looking to promising right now either.  I just haven't had time to train like I need too.  It's not a complete failure yet, I just wanted to prepare you in case it is.  :)

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