Sunday, November 11, 2012

Basketball Beginnings and laughter from Libby

This is the first year for K to play basketball-- and she is LOVING it!  They've had a few practices and one practice game, but their first season game was yesterday.  She did SO good--no goals, but a steal and several good passes.  Not bad for a basketball beginner :)

Here she is, ready to go:

And here she is with her biggest fan (second to me, of course):

(Yes, that shirt is courtesy of Crafty Cookie Boutique!  We have mom ones too, because we are just cool like that!)

A real-time game shot:

And now for the funny from Libby:

I took her to Rhonda and Billy's the other day and Billy was going to take her to school.  L asked Billy who was keeping her the next day.  When he told her that they would be keeping her, she responded with "You're so lucky!"  That girl is something else, I tell you! She keep us laughing all the time-- such personality!!

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