Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Miracle at 76 Hawthorn Way

Ok, maybe "miracle" is an exaggeration, but any time that you have seven girls together for over FIFTEEN hours with ZERO arguments, that's gotta be a record.  Right?  Right.

Records aside, the Halloween slumber party went amazingly well.  Better than I could have hoped for.  Three of the girls rode home with us after school and the other two came a little later.  My front entrance-way looked like this:

We went to a Halloween party at my aunt's house (excellent way to pass the time, by the way) and the girls rode on a hayride and had a blast at the bonfire.  Here they are, all packed into my car and on the way:

Can I just say that we are so very BLESSED that our girls have these sweet girls to grow up with?  What is life without friends, right?  And good ones are hard to find, so I'm so thankful for this crew!

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