Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday Traditions

Looking through pictures last night, I realized that I hadn't done a post on our birthday cake-baking tradition.  Things were a little different on the girls' birthday week this year because of some scheduling conflicts, but we still kept the tradition of the cake bake.

For the past 2 years, on the girls' actual birthdays, we have had the family over to eat.  Each girl gets to make her OWN cake for her own birthday--from start to finish.  (The first year we did this, it meant that there were a few egg shells in the cake!)  I was amazed this year at how good the cakes were! Not only did they taste great, they looked really good too!

Kyndall chose a rocking horse shape for her cake, which was yellow cake with cream cheese and chocolate icings and pink sprinkles on top.

Libby chose a teddy bear shape, with chocolate cake and icing, and pink sprinkles.  She did ask for a little help spreading the icing on, so I helped with that.  She did everything else all by her 4-year old self, though!

The girls LOVE this birthday tradition, and I can't wait to see how their cakes turn out in the future!

**Disclaimer--I know Libby's pictures are smaller sized than Kyndall's.  I tried a hundred different ways to make Libby's picture the standard format size, but they keep being smaller than Kyndall's.  Oh the woes of technology!**

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