Saturday, August 4, 2012

Atlanta Braves, Star Wars, and a Mini-Vacay

For the past two days, we have been on a mini-vacay to Atlanta, Georgia, with some of our very best friends.  Can I just say that I have no clue how people traveled before technology?  Between Ipods and DVD players, there was hardly a peep from all four kids on the entire 4 hour drive!

Of course, all the IPod playing, DVD watching, and car riding did make a certain someone a little tired...
Our purpose for the trip to Atlanta was to see a Braves game.  We had to see Chipper play one last time before he retired.  A few days before the trip, we found out that the game we were attending was a "Star Wars, Defeat Cancer" theme.  Any children wearing the theme would be allowed to parade around on the field before the game.  So naturally, we made shirts :).

The boys shirts said "Jedi" above their names and the girls shirts said "Princess" above their names, along with pictures of Princess Leia.

Here we are on the field, in the parade:

Check out those waves--I think they are pro's!

We had a great trip--absolutely zero arguments with the kids, good behavior on the boys parts (and I mean the big boys--the daddies), and a TON of fun!  Great memories made.

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