Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And your chariot awaits...

I've been back to school 3 whole days and look what happens to my blog--it goes downhill.  It's embarassing, I tell ya!  Somehow, my brain can't wrap around work, and soccer, and shirt-making, and blogging all at the same time--it wants to just shut down and get on Pinterest! 

On Sunday, we celebrated the final night of the Girls of Grace class at church.  We surprised the girls and rented a limo to take them out to eat in.  They all ordered matching shirts from the Crafty Cookie Boutique.  So 25 sweet girls walked out of the church (expecting to climb into the church van, by the way) and the chariots awaited.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of their faces, but I'm the mama who brought the camera the first 7 weeks of class and forgot the camera on the BIGGEST night of the class! :( 

Here are our sweet girls after dining at the wonderful Casa Santiago, scarfing down cheese dip, enchiladas, and in some cases, chicken fingers.

I can say in all confidence that these girls had a blast.  They loved being able to walk around in the limo-- I think that was the most exciting part of all!!

And can I just say that it's a little sad-- Kyndall isn't even in the first grade yet and has already ridden in a limo TWICE!?! How am I ever going to top that? 

And I promise to get on some kind of schedule with blogging to keep a little more up-to-date.  Yesterday was the 8th anniversary of my marriage to my amazing husband and he sent me REAL flowers yall!  (The significance of that is another story for another day, but just say YAY!) 

Kyndall had her first soccer game last night and it was WONDERFUL! I didn't realize what a big soccer fan I was going to be.  This time, I did remember my camera, so I'll try to get those photos posted tonight..... or tomorrow....well, as soon as possible, anyway!

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