Sunday, July 8, 2012


In tonight's Girls of Grace class, Jess taught on the topic of hands.  She talked about using our hands to pray.  She gave the girls the illustration below about using your hand to help you remember what to pray for.  The thumb reminds you to pray for family and friends, the pointer for preachers, teachers, and directors, the middle finger for police, firemen, and government officials, the ring finger for sick people or those in trouble, and the pinky finger for yourself.

And after the lesson, all the girls had their fingernails painted.  All 21 of them!! That's 210 fingernails ladies and gentlemen! =)  The adult helpers set up a nail-painting assembly line.  There were people removing polish, people painting nails (as in this photo of K getting her nails done).

 There were those of us with hairdryers to speed up the drying process.

And we had a few teen helpers adding designs and a top coat.

Overall, I'd say tonight's lesson was a success.  All the girls went home with their own bottle of polish and a reminder to pray daily.

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