Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Friday

After one last day of VBS fun, and then a little pool time, I joined some friends at a jewelry party.  The jewelry was Initial Outfitters.  They have tons of gorgeous stuff.  Like this amazing bangle bracelet:
And these super cute charm necklaces:

If you haven't heard of them before, check them out at  (I, unfortunately, am not connected to this company in any way and am not paid to promote them, I just really love their stuff.  And their mission, which helps feed children in poverty.)

While Mama was shopping, the girls and Daddy had a big ol' dirty time.  We've been draining one of the five ponds on the farm.  Long story short, it wasn't holding water and we are draining it to find out why, and then fill it up again.  But back to the point:  the pond has fish, and if the water drains much more the fish will all die.  Justin, my daddy, my granddaddy, and my girls all went out to the pond with big nets to try to scoop up the fish.

Now, just a side note, there is an official way of removing fish from a pond called "saining".  This process involves using one very large net that stretches to both sides of the pond and removes all the fish.  That is not the way we choose to do things around here.  Apparently, it's more fun to wade out into the pond and see how many fish you can scoop up.  The answer?? Very few!

And apparently, you have to wear gloves before you can touch the fish.  Cause that's just common sense.

Yes, this is the muddy, cow-poop-filled mess they were wading in while attempting to catch fish.  Just another fun day on the farm!

And before I leave, I just have to share this video from the pool today.  It has both my girls talking about their big plans for the future. 

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