Sunday, June 3, 2012

Camping Out

Last night we took the girls camping out behind the house.  Remember that we live on about 400 acres of farm land, so when I say behind the house, take that loosely.  Justin worked most of the afternoon finding the perfect spot, bringing rocks from the creek to circle the fire, cutting wood for the fire, etc.  The result was a perfect camping spot overlooking our pond.  We grilled hot dogs, roasted marshmallows (regular, chocolate, AND strawberry ones), and drank lots of capri suns and Mt Dews.  Our sweet friends Jason, Cassie and their little man Sam came for a while to visit and so did Bean and Mollie.  I think we can check 'camping' off our summer manifesto!

The girls posing with Sam by the fire.

My man getting the fire started.

Grilling our dogs.

Telling ghost stories. =)

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