Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gearing Up for Baby #3

What is it about welcoming a new baby that makes us want to have everything in perfect condition?  Closets clean and organized, baseboards wiped down, paper essentials stocked up.  (Oh, that's just me?  Great!)  I also decided this was the perfect time to spruce up the house--painting, repairing all those little things that needed to be fixed before we moved in two years ago, rearranging my pictures on the walls.  All fun stuff, right?

Max is such a good supervisor =)

I have really been much more relaxed this time around about getting things ready, but I do have a long list of things I want completed.  That list is slowly getting marked off, partly because several of the tasks are not pregnant-woman friendly so they've been outsourced (bless my dad and Justin).

  • Paint nursery.
  • Paint girls room and bathroom.
  • Paint hallway.
  • Paint master bedroom and bathroom.
  • Paint living, dining, kitchen area.
  • Paint fireplace tiles.
  • Replace baseboards as needed.  (Max decided those were better than bones....)
  • Wash down/paint exterior doors.
  • Wash interior doors.
  • Paint master bathroom mirror frames.
  • Paint bookshelf.
  • Baby bedding on bed.
  • Recover cushions on rocking chair for the nursery.
  • Clean out girls' closet.
  • Clean out MY closet.
  • Re-organize the garage.
  • Design canvas to hang over the baby bed.
Next week we are out of school on Monday and Tuesday for Fall Break, and we are having a "staycation."  (You know, where you stay home and pretend it's a vacation?  I'm just trying to make it sound more fun, ya'll.)  Hopefully, I can get a good bit of the pregnant-friendly tasks taken care of over the long weekend.

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