Monday, September 22, 2014

The Weekend Stories

We spent our weekend enjoying homecoming games and soccer tournaments.  Libby was voted homecoming attendant by the youth league football team.  She got a crown and a sash, so she was super excited.  (Libby walks around with an invisible crown on anyways, so she was in Heaven with a real one!)

Her friend Ty was her escort.  He's a very tall second grader and Libby is a very tiny first grader, but they made it work :)

They also did their dance during homecoming.  Libby is in the middle, front, third from the left.  You can't hear the music well, but the dance is set to "Shake it Off" by T.Swift.  (Which is very appropriate for Libby's homecoming, but that's a story for another day!)

And just for fun, here's a throwback from about two years ago.

Be still my heart.  Look at those baby faces!

Amidst all this homecoming chaos, Kyndall started soccer tournaments.  They won the first game and had to play the other WM team during the second game.

I took my camera.  I had every intention of taking pictures.  Really, I did.  But this game was so nail-bitingly intense that all my intentions flew out the window.  I had to concentrate on not throwing up.  Seriously.  No one scored at all until the third quarter, when our team sank a ball into the net.  During the fourth quarter, the other team scored.

Overtime in soccer is 5 minutes of regular game-time, and if no one scores, they go into a "Sudden Death" shoot-out.  Of course, our game went into a shoot-out after 5 minutes of intense playing, but no goals.  In the shoot-out, five players from each team line up (one at a time) against the goalie of the opposing team.  The team that gets the most goals in this wins.  Our team scored 2 points during the shoot-out and the other team scored 4, making the overall score 3-5.

It was the best soccer game I have seen in a while.  My girl is the next Mia Hamm, I'm telling you (and I'm not prejudiced at all).  When these WM kids reach high school age, there's going to be no stopping them on the soccer field!

The tournament is double-elimination, so K still has a few soccer games left before the end of the season.  And then it's on to basketball from there--no rest for this pregnant mommy! :)

How was your weekend?

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