Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Links and Loves

Two weeks in to summer, the time that is supposed to be slower so that I can catch up on things, and my house is in the worse shape ever.  With no real bedtime for the girls, I don't have that precious hour after they go to sleep to catch up on everything I usually do--laundry, dishes, blogging.   Next week is our church's VBS, and hopefully after that, things will slow down more.  Until then, just be patient with me :)

PS:  If you were looking for my Project Life post on Tuesday, I have decided to only share those monthly.  The first Tuesday of every month will be my Project Life post.

His Plan > My Plan.  This post is by my real-life friend Ashley.  Right now, she is in the midst of the trenches, living daily with her "normal".  Her outlook and faith are an encouragement to everyone.

The Conversation that Could Save Your Teen's Life.  I'm seriously going to start a file with all this information I'll need again in a few years.  This idea of telling my kids HOW to say no is genius.  

A Challenge to Slow Down.  As evidenced by the first paragraph of this post, I want my life to slow down a little.  Wait, make that, A LOT.  Unfortunately, telling yourself to slow down is a lot easier than actually slowing down.

I've mentioned recently that my number one goal this summer is get this place I call home re-organized.  I've spent some time this week scouring the internet looking for tools to help this happen. And what follows are a few things I found.

This expandable silverware tray.  I already have one of these that I LOVE but I am needing another one.  

This grocery bag dispenser.  Right now, my grocery bags are all crammed into a torn, falling apart, Target bag.  At least once a week I pick up all the stragglers and stuff them back in.  

This Keurig K-cup drawer.  I actually own this drawer and adore it.  My Keurig sits right on top and the drawer is big enough to hold 2 entire boxes of K-cups, without taking up my precious cabinet space.

Over the Washer storage.  I currently have two bottles of Tide and three bottles of Downy sitting on top of my washing machine.  This takes up  room I could be using for all my clean, folded clothes :)

What are you loving this week?


  1. My house is messier in the summer time too! We are here doing more to leave a trail of clutter. :)

    1. I think our problem is that we have no schedule during the summer. During the school year, the girls go to bed at 8 and I have time for cleaning, and laundry, and BLOGGING! ;)