Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Links and Loves, 3rd Ed.


National Scrapbooking Day is tomorrow, May 3.  {In a perfect world, I will catch up on all my PL layouts for this year and have them ready for the printer.}  The idea is to create as many layouts as you can on Saturday and post them to social media with the hashtag #NSD10k.  The goal is to 10,000 layouts shared.

11 Things You Can DO to Actively Encourage Another Mother Today.  And while most of these points are pretty obvious (Don't we all, always, help another mother with the door when her hands are full?) this post has my heart.  I'm all about lifting other women up, mothers or not.  Because this game of life, it's a team sport, ya'll.

One Side of A Heart--On Adoption.  Because I have a heart for adoption.  And because there are no 'adoptive parents', we are all just parents, doing the best we can.

Heart Songs <--This is part of a journaling mini-course from Simple Scrapper.  I love this lesson the most because it's these moments, these emotions, that I often struggle to get out and written.

And for a great laugh, watch this video.  The girls and I have been using "Licken, honey, licken" in conversations for WEEKS!


These long and lean tanks from Target.  It's a shame how many of these are hanging in my closet!

The Fault in Our Stars.  Still the absolute best book I've read in a long while.  I'm very anxious about the movie though... I just don't know that they can do the book justice.

These yellow chevron outdoor pillows.

We've been working on our backyard/ patio area the past few days, getting ready for some major summer entertaining.  While shopping for new patio furniture, I keep coming back to this Rattan Cool Bar.  A table that doubles as a cooler, AND it's super cute?  I'm totally in!

I'm seriously obsessed with canvas art right now.  I'm loving the above She Knew canvas above.  Dee creates beautiful "faith-inspired" art and I'm coveting several of her pieces right now.

Another canvas on my "To-Buy" list (Yes, I have a to-buy list--I'm quite the list maker nerd!) is this one from Erin Condren.  Her inspirational quote canvases are gorgeous.

Now tell me--what are you LOVING this week?

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