Monday, May 19, 2014

Field Day Fun

Last week, our school had Field Day.  It's a school wide, outdoor celebration where the kids do different games.  It's not super competitive-- no awards are given or anything (boo-boo!), but the kids have a TON of fun.

This year, we had "Opening Ceremonies" and Kyndall got to take part.  There was a torch run and everything!

Each grades had a color they were supposed to wear--Kyndall was blue and Libby was red.  Each class had a schedule.  The kids rotated between karate kicking,

the long jump,

the relay race,

the basketball relay (over, under, over, under),


an obstacle course

and the hockey relay.

Everyone had so much fun!! This was one of my favorite school days as a kid, and it's still one of my favorites as a teacher.  The girls LOVED every minute of it.  I'm so thankful we have awesome PE teachers that go to all the hard work to organize this day and make it special for everyone.

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