Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Project Life Tuesday, Digital Edition

It's amazing how much easier Project Life is when you let go of all the "fuss."  Is my album simple?  Yes!  Is that ok? Yes!  Using only the Kraft edition has helped me tremendously--I have options for creativity, but not so much that I get lost.  And best of all?  This album is getting FINISHED!

Week 8

Journaling, title card:  Monday was supposed to be a holiday for us, but due to all our SNOW days we were scheduled to go.  The West, Johnson, Halbrooks, and Stephens families just skipped, because we had a girls and kids trip to Gatlinburg planned.  Monday was spent traveling home for the most part, and then Kyndall attended volley-ball camp that afternoon.  And through Wednesday. Tuesday night was Kyndall’s 2nd grade program-she made a beautiful (though light-skinned) Pochahontas. Thanks again to all our snow, the Valentines Day Dance was postponed until this Thursday.  This is Kyndall’s first year for the dances and she loves them!

Journaling, bottom right:  Both girls ADORE Mrs. Malcom’s pet snake, Roxie.  She brings it to the library for a ‘visit’ and they fight over who gets to hold her first!

Journaling, right side:  I’m so glad my girls have such sweet friends to play with in our subdivision. Every day they want to go ride bikes with these boys, or with Maggie and Will, or even with everyone all together.  They traipse through my house and gather in the backyard, for secret meetings on the trampoline.  I am forever handing out capri suns and snacks and I love every single second of it.  I am equally blessed that the girls can go visit the farm as often as they like.  I think we all appreciate it more, not living there.  We truly have the best of both worlds!

Week 9.  This is my least favorite layout so far.  But you know what?  It's finished, and that's what counts!

Journaling, right side:  Things are looking good around here.  The weather has been amazing and my paisey’s are blooming beautifully, no thanks to me.  I finally got around to hanging the gorgeous green letter ‘W’ that Carrie made me for my birthday.  All those loads of laundry happened.  The soccer Sports Banquet was Saturday night and Kyndall received a medal.  Sunday night was the Awana stock car race, and Libby won her division.  She was even sweet enough to let Kyndall pose in a picture with her trophy.  And to top it all off, Kyndall learned to ride her bike with no training wheels!

Week 16

Journaling reads: What a busy week!! On Monday, Libby died eggs at school and my Erin Condren planner FINALLY arrived.  Tuesday, the girls had gymnastics and then the WMES art show.  Libby and I went on a field trip on Wednesday to Gullion Farms and had so much fun seeing all the new baby animals. Thursday, as I was walking down the hall, I saw the above story written by Kyndall about her hero:  Libby.  We spent Friday resting up for the busy weekend.  Saturday was TBC’s Easter Extravaganza and then we spent the rest of the day fishing at Pops and Gra-Gra’s.  We celebrated Easter on Sunday with church, and then lunch at Gra-Gra’s.  There was such a crowd there this year.  Both sides of our family and Justin’s came to eat and hunt eggs, and everyone stayed until early evening visiting.

Are you participating in Project Life?  If you have a link, share it in the comments below.

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