Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Love this Life

As I watch my girls play this afternoon, attempting to sell flowers from this makeshift stand of cardboard boxes, I want so hard to freeze time.  I'd say these years, at 5 and 7, are the best years.  But I've said that for every age so far.  (Except maybe the threes--everyone says twos are the worst, but I disagree.) 

I love listening to their conversations.

I love hearing 'Watch me, Mommy' and witnessing some grand-to-them accomplishment.

I love bedtime snuggles.  And morning snuggles.  Anytime snuggles, really.

I even love our overcrowded, no room to move, bed when they sneak into it around 1am. (But don't tell them that.)

It seems like only yesterday I was loving the ages of newborn and 2.  And then 2 and 4.  And how quickly 5 and 7 have snuck up on me! 

Relish every minute of this life, dear readers.  Enjoy each age--even the tough, stubborn, three year one. Jobs and dishes and laundry will wait, but childhood won't.


  1. This is so sweet & very true! I needed to hear this today as earlier I was complaining about how the dishes have piled up on me, haha! I came across your blog while I was on Pinterest earlier & you're so inspiring! And you makes wanna go run, haha! I've ask your sister before what makeup she uses because it always looks so natural but she looks flawless! She said she was using Bare Minerals. I've tried Bare Minerals but I feel like I need more coverage. I think you, Mallory & your mom were just blessed with great genetics though. Lucky, haha! But I was gonna ask what do you usually use? I just want that natural clean look but I feel like the makeup I have now is too dark & easy to put too much of it on.

    1. Thank you so much Ashley! I use Bare Minerals, with the yellow based primer.

  2. What shade is your bare minerals in? And I'm guessing the yellow based primer is by bare minerals too. I probably need to use it as well to help with my redness. (I'm assuming that's what it does, haha)