Thursday, April 10, 2014

Keeping It Real

About 2 weeks ago (OK, maybe 3...) I started "Spring Cleaning" around the house.  I started in Kyndall's room and moved through there pretty quickly.  I boxed up clothes for donation, separated what I wanted to keep for Libby, and laid out a few nicer things for consignment.

Then I moved on to Libby's room.  And that's where I got stuck.  The spring-cleaning-mood left me.  I had all the passed-down clothes from Kyndall in a pile.  All the winter clothes that would probably still fit next year had a pile.  The clothes that no longer fit and were headed for donation had a pile.  The clothes for consignment had a pile.  And I stopped.

Then I avoided her room like the plague for the last, yes, THREE weeks.  When the cleaning lady came, I hung my head in shame and told her to skip that room.

I had one foot in her room yesterday when the doorbell rang.  Thank goodness for unexpected company.

The truth is, I'm not really sure what to do with all this.  I have always kept most of Kyndall's still-decent clothes, but Libby very rarely ever wears them.  When it's time for new outfits, I feel guilty just buying for K.  So WHY do I feel like I need to keep them?  There is no ROOM.  I should pass them on, but I can't.  What if she NEEDS that shirt?  Or those pants? (Insert dramatic sigh here.)

I'm sharing this with you because I am determined to get a handle on the chaos this weekend.  Hopefully, tomorrow night, but let's just be realistic here.  But I need help.  

How do you organize your kids clothing?  

Do you keep hand-me-downs, or pass them on?

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