Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gymnastics and A Full Night's Sleep

Both girls have been begging to go back to gymnastics for a while now.  They went to a gym in our area for a few months, but weren't crazy about it so we stopped.  They both have friends that attend a different gym, and have been wanting to give this new gym a try.  Monday night, I finally caved.

(Disclaimer:  Once I saw the price tag for this new gym, I really wanted to back out!)

The girls, of course, loved it.  We'll be going back tonight for their "official" first night. 

Kyndall wasn't still long enough for a good picture.  Out of about 20, this is the best I could get. 

Libby was very attentive.

Kyndall came home and wanted to practice her "round-overs".  (In case you don't know about gymnastics, it's called a round-off, not a round-over.) 

After an hour at gymnastics and an hour practicing at home, these girls were TIRED.  They both slept all night in their own beds, which is a very rare occurrence around here.  Maybe that gym price tag is worth it, after all :)

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