Monday, January 27, 2014

Pine Mountain Animal Safari (Callaway Gardens, Part 2)

On our trip to Callaway Gardens, we drove about 15 minutes south to explore the Pine Mountain Animal Safari.  It is a drive-through safari and zoo.  This is the entrance.  They have a cattle gap that makes it impossible for the animals to get out, but all those animals are right there waiting on you to come in.

This was our ride.  Justin got to drive it, which he though was SO cool.

All the animals were so friendly and attention-seeking.  They loved sticking their noses through the bars for a scratch.
Hello, Mr Elk.
That zebra SO wanted Libby's hat!
This was NOT my favorite animal.....he really freaked me out. Justin thought it was SO funny to
stop when he came to my window and let him stick his head through.  I may or may not
have screamed like a girl :)
Check out those horns!

After the drive-through section, they had a walk-in zoo that housed the animals in cages.  You know, lions, tigers, and bears--oh my! :)

But first, a posed shot with the decorations.  (Don't you love how Justin even has his hand up like he's driving?  I mean, if you are going to play the part, PLAY the part.)

The thing I most loved about this safari was that the animals actually WANTED attention.  At every zoo I have ever been too, the animals stay over away from the people and don't 'do' much.  I'm not sure if it was the cold weather or the fact that we were one of two families at the zoo this day, but the animals really wanted to interact.  This giraffe almost ran to the window when the girls walked up.

This iguana was the funniest.  When the girls walked by, he followed them down the length of his cage.  They thought they'd be funny and run back, and he chased them.  I bet they ran back and forth, the girls and the iguana, five or six times.  I finally made them stop because I didn't want to wear the poor fellow out! (Justin has video of this on his phone, but for some reason I can't get videos to upload to blogger.  If you can help with this, please let me know!)

This zoo had it all--lions, tigers, wolves, bears, monkeys, wombats, giraffe.  Even several animals I don't think I've ever seen in real life before--kangaroos, a serval, and hyena's.  

He looked over at my camera like "Heeeey!"
This was by far the BEST zoo/safari ever.  I would drive the three and a half hours again, just for the zoo.  If you and your family are 'animal people', this is definitely something you want to experience!  You can find their website here.

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