Friday, December 13, 2013

Training Plan for the Callaway Gardens Half

I'm mixing things up a little for the Callaway Gardens half.  I've tried different plans for several weeks, and none work just right for me.  So I took my five favorites and combined them to make my own.  That's professional, right?  I took into consideration the number of miles I wanted to run each week leading up to the marathon, as well as the number of days that I could run.

I also have been running consistently for several months now, so I would only recommend borrowing my plan if you are a semi-advanced runner yourself.  My weekly mileage leading up to this has been between 25-30 miles each week.  If you are a beginning runner, you will need MUCH more than 6 weeks to train for a half.

So after all that, and after LOTS of brain-work, here is MY personal, half marathon plan:

The note at the bottom, in case you can't see it, reminds you that I am NOT a certified running coach.  This plan was developed BY me, FOR me--If you choose to "borrow" it, I am in no way responsible for an injuries you may (but hopefully won't) incur.  <---And that's just the disclaimer that I feel needed to be added so that I am being responsible.

I think it will help my training that my plan is so pretty.  Don't you?  And I will definitely be using my bright, colorful pens to check off each workout as I do it.  That's half the fun, right?

I'm interested, what running plan do you use?

Happy Running! :)

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