Saturday, December 28, 2013

Resolutions for 2014

This year, I really thought hard about my resolutions.  I decided to pick the most important things I wanted to do, and work on those.  Small steps to a better me (and us---my family!).  After much tossing and turning (I do my best thinking at night in the bed), this is what I decided.  This year, in 2014, my resolutions include:
  • Church.  We go to church every Sunday, but lately we've been doing just Sunday school or just church service, not both.  That needs to be changed.
  • Cooking.  I don't do it, but I'm going to start.  My goal is to cook a real meal (not cereal or oatmeal) at least 3 times a week.  To start, that's probably going to consist of spaghetti, taco salad, and breakfast-for-supper, but I'm hoping I can branch out.
  • Do more active things as a family. Obviously, I plan to continue my running. (I have several races on the schedule in 2014 that I'm super excited about!) I think our family is pretty active already, but we can always improve on that. More bike rides, rock climbing trips, hikes, etc. AND I'm signing J & the girls up for a few runs, too! =)
  • 30 Before 30.  Finish it, seeing as how this is my LAST year in my 20's. (Everyone says the 30's are awesome though, so I'm banking on that!)
And that's it.  I don't want to overexert myself, because then I'll just give up.  If I can achieve these four things (which is really more, considering the 30 before 30 list contains multiple items), then I think 2014 will be a pretty successful year.

Do you have any recipes to share with me?

What are you resolving to do to in 2014?

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