Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Warrior Dash(es)

I have two Warrior Dash medals.  One from Warrior Dash Tennessee and one from Warrior, Alabama. Everyone should do at least ONE obstacle course in their life, and I definitely recommend Warrior Dash.  It's a short enough distance (3.1 miles) that most people can do it without TOO much training, and that it's still lots of fun.  Others, like Tough Mudder, seem too long to me.  Maybe I'm just not hardcore enough, but 13.1 miles PLUS obstacles is a lot.

My first Warrior Dash was the Tennessee one.  Justin and I went with Josh and Emily, and Alison met us there.

Here we are before:

And then after:

I think Alison swam through the mud in some of the obstacles.  Or maybe she fell?!?!

Warrior Dash Tennessee was a relatively flat course with lots of obstacles:  cargo net climbs, rope walls, climbing over old cars.  It was SO much fun!

For the dash in Warrior, Alabama, we were a little more experienced.  Only Emily and I were able to go, but we thought through our outfits a little more and decided on something cute:

We took this photo indoors because it was POURING down rain.  We headed out anyways and ended up running the dash in the rain.  I think this helped keep us a little cleaner, as well as the swim through the pond towards the end.  Here is our after:

The only thing different about Warrior, AL's dash was that the running course was definitely tougher.  I felt like we were running up and down the side of a steep mountain.  We would run up, back down, and up again the side of a hill so steep that people were holding onto trees to keep from sliding back down (the rain didn't help this!).  Then out through a field and through a few obstacles and back to the hill up and downs again.  Still lots of fun but definitely more tough than Tennessee's course.

Check out the Warrior Dash site for locations and dates.  And then let me know if you sign up--I might just join you :)

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