Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy (early) birthday, Max!

Max's birthday is actually in December, but I'm afraid with all the Christmas chaos, we'll miss it.  In just a few short months, he has gone from this precious little puppy:

to this.

That smug look in the above photo?  That's after he swiped Justin's ENTIRE bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich off the counter.  You snooze, you lose daddy-o.

This dog steals our food, sheds EVERYWHERE, and is sometimes worse that I imagine a 3rd child to be, but we love him with all our hearts.  He is an 80-pound lapdog who doesn't realize he's big.  He wants to lay right on top of you, even wrapping his legs/paws around in a dog-hug.

Of all of us, I still think he loves Kyndall the best.  He is her real-life pillow pet, and I am so thankful that a year ago, we brought this puppy home with us!

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