Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Fun! Warning: Photo OVERLOAD!

The girls chose to go as Smurfette and Princess Sophia this year for Halloween.  We purchased 2 Sophia dresses for the diva (AKA: Libby), but neither would do.  We ended up borrowing the one she wore from a friend of mine.  If you are in the market for a size 4 Sophia dress, hit me up :)

Wednesday night, the girls wore their costumes and we went to our church for the Fall festival.  There was trunk or treat-ing, a hayride, and lots of inflatables to play on.

We trick or treated at the pharmacy to get candy from Aunt Mal!
Cousin Madi
On Thursday, the girls were able to wear their costumes to school.  Each grade had their own fall festivities. 
Of course, I got in on dressing up too.  I'm a scarecrow, not a farmer, in case you were wondering :)


 In 2nd grade, one of the activities was a mummy-wrap.  Kyndall had the best team to wrap her up--they did such a good job!

In Kindergarten, Libby got her face painted.  And then they played LOTS of games!

After school, we went to Gra-Gra and Pops church for their Fall festival.  Gra-Gra dressed up as a member of the Harlom Globetrotters.

We finished off Halloween night with a visit to Todd, Robin, and Ali's.  They filled the girls' bags up with candy and posed for a few pictures.

And now, we have pounds and POUNDS of candy.  I'm taking it to school and giving it to the kids--if I keep it at the house, I'll make myself sick from eating so much.  Seriously, I have ZERO self-control.

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