Friday, September 20, 2013

A Library Visitor and Cute Target Stuff

Let me start this post by saying I know these photos are completely crappy.  Yes, that IS a snake.  Thus the reason for the crappy photos--I wasn't getting too close!

Yesterday, as I was walking through the library, I noticed what I thought was a rubber snake in the floor.  I thought some student had put it there to scare me.  I kept walking by, put a few books up, and made my rounds back through when I realized that my rubber snake had moved.  Seeing as how there was just Jean and I in the library, and she was at her desk, this was impossible.  So, as all smart women would do, I threw a book at it.  (I still didn't quite believe it was real!)  As soon as that book touched it, it curled up and prepared to strike me!  

So, the next logical step? Scream like a girl and run find someone to deal with it.  My principal and our school resource officer were both in the office, so they came to the rescue.  (If laughing and pretending to throw the snake at me can even be classified as coming to the rescue?)

FYI:  Jean wanted them to shoot it.  All they did was scoop it up in a bucket and dump it outside.  I'm sure it'll hang out outside for awhile, grow much bigger, and then come back to visit me again in a few weeks =/

And in a completely random thought, why must Target have such cute stuff? I mean, check out these appliances:

I might actually cook if I could use something that cute!

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