Thursday, August 8, 2013

5-year shots + pierced ears = 1 big girl!

I have been so tired lately.  I was wondering why, when I eat right and exercise and go to bed at a decent hour, until I woke up during the night last night.  Most nights, there are 4 of us in our bed.  A queen-sized bed.  And the 2 littles do not sleep like normal people, with their heads at the top and their feet at the bottom.  NO! They have to sleep ON TOP of me.  I don't know how Justin gets an entire half of the bed all to himself when there are 4 of us in there, but somehow he manages it.  So while I do look forward to getting a good nights' sleep, I do not wish away these crowded-bed nights.  All too soon, my sweet girls are going to be too big and too cool to snuggle with me.  Today's events are evidence of that.

Today, the girls had their 5- and 7-year checkups.  K lucked up and got away without any shots, but L had to get 2 of them.  On top of her shots, L chose to get her ears pierced at the doctors office.  ( I really like that they do this--it feels cleaner somehow!)  She SO wanted to get them pierced, but she was SO scared.  Right before the doctor came in, we had a conversation something like this:

L:  If it hurts, can they just stop?
Me:  Ummm, no.  You can't go around with just one ear pierced.  They have to do both of them.  Are you SURE you are ready for this?
L:  Ok.  Let's just do it.

She did pretty well with the first ear, but the second one was an entirely different story.  They did the ears first, so by the time the nurse was ready for shots, she was done.  We had to physically hold her down for 2 shots.  NOT a fun time for Mommy (or her, I'm sure!).  She was fine before we left the doctors office, and is so VERY proud of her new earrings.

The girls are spending the night with my mom tonight, which means I get an entire half of the bed all to myself.  While I am NOT in a rush for them to grow up, the occasional good nights' sleep is much appreciated.  Cheers to that! :)

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