Monday, February 25, 2013

The One With All The Funny Stuff

Today, I am entertaining you with a collection of funny stories that have taken place around our house the last few months.

The One With The Crazy Mama
Not only am I an awesome (haha!) blog writer, but I'm very much addicted to reading other people's blogs.  One that I read regularly is Angie Smith's.  Angie does this thing where she asks her girls, on a daily basis, what she can do that day to make them feel "extra loved."  I thought this was a terrific idea.  So the other day, I'm sitting with Libby on the couch and I ask her, "Lib, what can I do to make you feel extra loved today?"  And I kid you not, my child stops what she is doing and looks at me like I am the craziest person on EARTH.  After a minute of just looking, she very slowly says, "I feel loved enough." That worked well.

The One With The Best Girls
A few months ago, the girls and I were laying in bed cuddling on a Saturday morning.  I looked at them and said, "You know what?  I have the best girls in the whole wide world!"  Libby looked at me, confused, and asked, "Who are they?"  I can only imagine what her little brain was picturing!

The One That Skips Number Five
Libby has been super excited about starting school.  She couldn't wait to be at the "big" school with Mommy and Kyndall.  I mean, this has been a big deal, ya'll.  One day, when we were talking about her starting school, Kyndall told her about the shots she had to get before she could start school.... the FOUR shots.  Right then and there, Libby decided she wasn't going to start school, ever.  When I explained to her that she had to get the shots when she turned 5, whether she started school or not, she matter-of-factly told me that she would just skip 5.  Seriously, mom.  Who needs to turn 5 anyways?  If you ask the child how old she will be on her next birthday, she says 6.  When she counts, she skips 5.  "1, 2, 3, 4, 6." The girls has totally and completely deleted 5 from her brain.  Thanks, Kyndall.

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