Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nashville's Got It Going On! (Squeal!)

Finally, Nashville comes back on tonight!! Check it out--I'm OBSESSED with the tv show Nashville.  It's like, the best tv drama ever.  Right there with Scandal.  If you aren't watching, shame. on. you!

If you ARE watching, but aren't caught up, STOP reading NOW.  Spoilers ahead.

To my fellow diehards:  AGHHHH!  Are any of you cheering for Rayna and Deacon as much as I am?  Is that wrong?  I SO want them together.  And no the tour?  The previews for tonight better not be misleading--I need that elevator scene to happen, for reals.

And what's the deal with Teddy's affair?  Did he?  Didn't he?  Will Scarlette and Gunnar ever hook up?

Tonight, at 9:00, the phone is going off the hook.  The internets are off.  The hubby better step back.  I'm all Nashville, yo.

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