Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mama's Gone Crazy

Confession:  I've recently developed the habit of speaking like a hoodrat.  You know, throwing out the gangsta slang and all that.  I think it's my 28 year old's brain attempt to sound cool.  I can't stop myself.

I throw out phrases like "Haters gonna hate", "I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me", and my favorite "Don't make me take my earrings out."

I've been known to tell the kids, as they come into the LIBRARY (the irony is not lost on me), acting all cray-cray, that this is MY house, and they better show some respect, yo.  The kids seem to find this really funny, instead of insane.  They often say things like "Peace out, Mrs. West" as they leave.  We even throw up pretend gang signs, but that's not really important.

So, the point is, I found this today and was amazed at how much it screamed ME:

Cause I'm as gangsta as a blond-haired, green eyed southern girl can be, ya'll.  {Chest thump, thump, peace out.}

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