Sunday, December 9, 2012

Completely Wonderful

Have you ever been out and about and just happened upon something completely wonderful?  That happened to us last night.

We were originally supposed to go to Nashville this weekend for shopping and to see the Rockettes, but when Kyndall got sick those plans had to be cancelled.  So last night, we decided we would surprise the girls with a trip to see Christmas lights.  We loaded up the car, put How the Grinch Stole Christmas in their DVD players, hot chocolate in their travel mugs, and headed toward the Galaxy of Lights in our pajamas and house shoes.

On the way, Justin decided to turn down a street in a historic part of town to see what sorts of lights they had.  And on that road, we just happened upon a carriage ride tour of Christmas lights in this historic part of town.  We took a vote and decided to skip the big Galaxy of Lights tour for this better, closer one.  

On this tour, we were told about a Gingerbread house the we just had to go see.  It was amazing.  I didn't get a full picture of the outside, but just imagine!  There were real Gingerbread people outside:

And carolers:

 And this:

And inside the Gingerbread house was Ms. Alabama.  How exciting!! Libby liked her crown most of all =)
When we got home, Kyndall said she couldn't wait to tell all her friends about our very own "Christmas Express!" It was completely wonderful!

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