Friday, November 2, 2012

The pirate and the ghost

OK I know I've already posted a TON of pictures of the girls in their costumes here and here, but I just have to share a few more.  These are mostly of K at school on the actual date of Halloween.  This year, I think the girls had the cutest (and cheapest) costumes they've ever had.  We made Libby's shirt at the boutique, mom made K's and my tutu and Robin made Libby's.  

K and I both dressed as pirates.  Last year, I dressed the same as Libby (as an Indian) and K asked that I dress the same as her this year.

My little ghost :)

Me and the sister, Mallory-- she was Spider Woman.

Carrie and Harrison both dressed as pirates too.  Here are the littles:
And the bigs:

Apparently, a pirate was the thing to be this year :)

Four pirates.  This was the best shot I had-- our little pirates were too busy to look at the camera for long!

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